Mission Merchants Association Not Notified

The Mission Merchants Association is one of the oldest and biggest organization of its kind in San Francisco. We recently touched base with President Peter Gilkshtern about food vendors in Dolores Park and the outreach process. Turns neither he nor the Mission Merchants Association staff were ever contacted about the RFP to put food vendors in Dolores Park. Don’t you think the merchants association would be the first group on RPD’s list?

He’s also, coincidentally, a neighbor to Dolores Park, living just one block from the park.

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Sign the New Petition

Because some of the language in the first petition was controversial, we decided to rewrite it and send it out again. Please consider signing this petition. We need many signatures so please forward to your friends too.

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Mission Local’s Take on the Meeting…

…is questionable. The article has some misinformation, like the fact that the location of the trailers have been determined. On the October 7th Commissioners hearing the location of the trailers was a “discussion only” item, meaning that no action was decided.  The article also suggests by the quotes that James Freeman and Elton Pon were at the meeting. They were invited but didn’t show. The very pleasant Michael Hamm was there representing Blue Bottle and he seemed to sympathize with the neighbors growing concerns. Ashwin Seshagiri did have it right however that no final decision on a plan was made, as the meeting revealed that this issue may be citywide.

Everyone did seem to agree that the vendors have been caught in the middle and that we hope they can be placed in an urban area of the city. It was also clear that Rec and Park needs some training on how to do community outreach.

We want to make it clear, this isn’t about competition or “sour grapes”, there is a greater issue at hand… the small price Rec and Park is willing to offer up our PUBLIC GREEN SPACES for.

I also encourage you to read Kristine Eane’s comments following the article, and if I lived in District 10, she’d have my vote.

thanks for you ear. mgm

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Meeting Tomorrow

There will be a meeting tomorrow, Wednesday October 13, at 8:30pm to talk about the Blue Bottle Coffee trailer in Dolores Park and talk about next steps. Please come!

Dolores Park Cafe, 18th and Dolores.

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Join The Mailing List

Google Groups
Stop The Trailer
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In the news

The SF Weekly blog writes about the Blue Bottle controversy. The local NBC affiliate also takes notice.

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NBC Local

Dolores Park doesn’t like what Blue Bottle is brewing.

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