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Because some of the language in the first petition was controversial, we decided to rewrite it and send it out again. Please consider signing this petition. We need many signatures so please forward to your friends too.


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One Response to Sign the New Petition

  1. If Wreck ‘n Park has their way our parks will soon be full of big businesses. Save the Stow Lake Boathouse Coalition is fighting to save the historic Stow Lake Boathouse from being turned over to “Cloudless Skies” ask “Ortega Family Enterprises, LLC” based in New Mexico… a chain of souvenir shops, restaurants and hotels. While Rec & Park promises they will protect the boathouse, the plans include moving the 67 year boat hoist, boating repair and storage area… which drastically changes the use of the historic structure. The Golden Gate Park Master Plan 1998 states that RECREATIONAL functions should be prioritized over everything else, but Wreck ‘n Park staff and Commission cry budget deficit and ignore the Master Plan. Ironically Wreck ‘n Park selected the New Mexico souvenir chain who offered $75,000/yr LESS guaranteed rent than did the current McLellan family who has run the boathouse for 67 years… the last 5 years the McLellans have been constantly threatened with a 30 day eviction since Wreck ‘n Park has kept them on a month-to-month lease. So any deterioration of the boathouse is due to Wreck ‘n Park management: Phil Ginsburg and Nick Kinsey at the top of that list. We have over 2,700 signatures on our petition in support of the current operator as well as the Sierra Club and many neighborhood groups supporting us but Wreck ‘n Park doesn’t care. There is little support for their plan but they don’t care. Corporate deals are the order of the day as you can see by their own RFP list that includes McDonald’s, Burger King & Orange Julius.
    Please support our parks and the Boathouse by going to and staying informed of action alerts! Don’t let “disaster capitalism” be an excuse to take over OUR parks!

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