Stop The Blue Bottle Coffee Trailer From Operating in Dolores Park

* The Park and Recreation Department has approved a revokable permit for a 12 ft. coffee trailer in Dolores Park operated by Blue Bottle Coffee. The neighborhood was not alerted until after the permit was approved. Even businesses directly across the street from the park were not notified in advance.

* There are at least six coffee shops within a block of Dolores Park including Dolores Park Cafe, Fayes Video Cafe, Tartine, Maxfields, Jumping Java, Morning Dew and  a Blue Bottle outlet two blocks away at 19th and Valencia.

* A line of people waiting for coffee in the morning will be disruptive to residents and people that go to the park to escape commercialism.

* Blue Bottle has stated they think they can raise $30,000 for Parks and Recreation annually, less than a gardner’s salary. Local businesses along 18th Street that benefit from park traffic were not consulted for ways they could contribute.

* Dolores Park is very popular and already taxed beyond capacity. Traffic on Dolores and 18th Street is frequently gridlocked, driveways blocked.

* Please contact the Department of Parks and Recreation commissioners and let them know how you feel or (415) 831-2750. Contact the head of the Department of Parks and Recreation Phil Ginsburg at Also contact supervisor Bevan Dufty and his aide Alex Randolph

* We strongly encourage being respectful to the people at Blue Bottle Coffee and public officials.

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